What It Is:

The Challenge is a fun simulated game based on one aspect of dealmaking, the Acquisition. It is intended to help participants get a low risk and skill building introduction to the world of dealmaking.

How Does It Work:

Step 1: Complete Application
Step 2: Upon acceptance, attend Orientation
Step 3: Download App and start training
Step 4: Take MASSIVE action and receive game points and status
Step 5: Top 3 Participants present their deal to the DMI community
Step 6: Winner’s deal has potential to be funded by Community

What Will I Learn:

1. The Mindset of a Dealmakers
2. How to Source Deals
3. How to do Due Diligence on a Deal
4. How to Structure a Deal
5. How to Develop an Investors Pipeline
6. How to Plan your next 90 days with Objectives and Key Results